Working With The Wealthy Accountant


Working with the Wealthy Accountant

My goal is to help as many people as possible in the profession I love. Since I have been unsuccessful cloning myself I have to choose who I take as a client so I can do the best job I am capable of.

As traffic grows on The Wealthy Accountant the emails requesting my services and time have grown. Price seems to be a large issue I can address here. If my fee structure is okay with you feel free to contact me to see if there is time in my schedule.


Consulting: My hourly rate is $275 with a one hour minimum. This includes my time consulting with you, reviewing your documents and research. Simple issues take an hour or two; complex issues can run much longer. I accept two consulting clients per week with previous clients getting preference. (As the blog grows this fee is certain to increase as a filter on who needs this service most. We honor the fee quoted you when accepted.)


Tax Preparation: Prep fees are all over the place. Simple returns can be as low as a few hundred dollars. Realistically, you want my office for more advanced returns for the best value. These returns can be as low as $500, but usually are a thousand or more. Contact me. If I have an opening for your return I’ll ask for a copy of the prior year with an explanation of anything new to provide you with a quote.


Bookkeeping and Payroll: Payroll is 100% outsourced now. Check the TWA Recommends page for details on the payroll service we think you should consider or contact me and I introduce you to the payroll team I prefer working with. Bookkeeping is a smaller part of my practice daily. We handle local bookkeeping only. Contact me for some ideas on handling bookkeeping in your area.


Guest Posts: I do not charge for guest posts at this time. For this reason I am behind on guest posts I’ve promised. Certain large or detailed projects I am interested in might be accepted if a fee is involved.


Speaking: I limit my speaking engagements to a handful or so per year. My disdain for travel is the main reason. Local gigs I frequently do without a fee, especially for non-profit and similar organizations. I love speaking at libraries! My fees vary by venue, depending on preparation involved and expenses. With rare exception, my expenses must be covered for travel. (Note: I am committed to a small number of speaking engagements without fee. I love helping non-profits.) Contact me for a quote on your speaking engagement.


You can contact me here.