Working With The Wealthy Accountant


I am not accepting new consulting clients until June 1, 2019. All consulting slots are preserved for current clients.

My firm is accepting a very limited number of new tax clients this year (2018 tax returns filed in 2019). You can use the contact form to inquire if we can handle your tax filing.



Working with the Wealthy Accountant

My goal is to help as many people as possible in the profession I love. Since I have been unsuccessful cloning myself I have to choose who I take as a client so I can do the best job I am capable of.

As traffic grows on The Wealthy Accountant the requests for my services and time have grown. Price seems to be a large issue I can address here. If my fee structure is okay with you feel free to contact me to see if there is time in my schedule.


Consulting: My hourly rate is $350 with a one hour minimum. This includes my time consulting with you, reviewing your documents and research. Simple issues take an hour or two; complex issues can run much longer. I accept two consulting clients per week with previous clients getting preference.


Tax Preparation: Prep fees are determined by complexity and time required to prepare the return. Returns start at $500. Business and complex returns are obviously more. Contact me to see if I have an opening for your return. I’ll ask for a copy of the prior year return with an explanation of anything new to provide you with a quote.


Bookkeeping and Payroll: Payroll is 100% outsourced now. Check the TWA Recommends page for details on the payroll service we think you should consider or contact me and I introduce you to the payroll team I prefer working with. Bookkeeping is a smaller part of my practice daily. We handle local bookkeeping only. Contact me for some ideas on handling bookkeeping in your area.


Guest Posts: Provide your project details. I’ll reply if interested and time is available.


Speaking: I accept a modest number of speaking engagements per year. Inquire as to my schedule and fees. Provide details of your project.


You can contact me here.