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People want to know how that crazy accountant from the backwoods of Wisconsin spends his money. Over hundreds of posts I have shared ways to get more while spending less. Hunting for these nuggets of wisdom gets harder by the day as the volume of material published here grows.

I have an advantage. The number of people I interact with in a given week is larger than most people and the people I interact with want to share their ideas. I see a lot! Improvements to my life have resulted and I share many of those ideas here with you (if you can find them).

There is one more reason to have a “Recommended” page. The amount of precious time away from family and friends to produce this blog, plus the cost of updating and maintaining this site, should be compensated. Many recommendations are affiliate programs which compensate me without costing you a penny more.

I still have values. Money is important, but money will never influence my recommendation. Or does it? I’ll buy a box of granola bars from Amazon if its 30 cents cheaper than the local grocer. For a measly $.30 I modify my behavior and I bet you do to.

With this in mind (and the disclaimer at the bottom of each page of this blog), each recommendation will include a notation on compensation. This is only fair. First, if you like what you see here you can reward my work. Second, you can decide if compensation affected my recommendation. Not all recommendations create revenue for me or this blog. Letting you know my connection to a recommendation is the right thing to do.


Amazon: Amazon is the ultimate affiliate program for bloggers. By starting your Amazon shopping trip here and closing the purchase on the same visit, this site receives compensation from Amazon.




Amazon II: Mrs. Accountant and I discovered Amazon Pantry recently. It’s not our first time to check out food prices on Amazon. In the past we were disappointed, but recently the prices have become low enough to justify some food purchases from Amazon. Many times Pantry prices are lower than we can find locally and completely eliminated the need to pay for a Costco membership. Sometimes it’s so close we prefer to avoid wasting time shopping and all the driving, opting for home delivery instead. I recommend Amazon Pantry as long as you do so carefully. Not everything is a deal on Amazon.
 When I wrote the original post I recommended Calyx for this service, but readers soon clued me in on with the same exact product for a fraction of the cost. High speed portable Wi-Fi is a must for travelers.   Living in the backwoods means our internet quality is terrible and expensive.

I opted for in the Accountant household. Both organizations offer their portable Wi-Fi hotspot with unlimited usage. We stream Netflix and YouTube videos all the time without issue. As a bonus we can take our Wi-Fi with us on the road! Neither this blog, nor I receive any compensation from Calyx or I checked to see if they had an affiliate program. They don’t. Regardless, this is one of the most useful devices I own. (It works great on the road with your cell phone, too. No more using data on your phone.)



Netflix: My attitudes towards television are legendary. There was a time I thought I couldn’t give up football or other sports. Still, when I watched television I did so with the sound off while I read, wrote or worked on some other project.

A decade ago I cut the cord. My life with cable was short. Mrs. Accountant and I were the last to adopt cable, waiting until we were in our upper 30s before cracking open the wallet, and the first to pull the darn thing out. I was paying like $50 or $60 a month back then! I hear cable blew past $100 a month in many markets since. Glad I am off that crazy train.

My concern was the kids. They never missed a beat. (They are awesome!) Never once did they complain about the loss of cable. Of course with Netflix and Amazon Prime we get more viewing material than a guy has time to watch (or should waste time watching). The library has more movies if you want and YouTube has more documentaries and educational videos than either Netflix or cable. (I tend to watch YouTube to learn a new skill or dig deeper into an existing passion.)

Netflix is a low cost source of family entertainment I recommend.

Netflix is enjoyed by the entire family. I still rarely watch TV and when I do the volume is off. Some habits die hard. No compensation is received by this blog or me for this recommendation.



If you see any articles where I recommend a service or product but forgot to add here, send me a note using the Contact button. I’ll get right on it.