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I have three short bits for your review. It will only take a minute, but still important stuff.


Plutus Awards: The Plutus guys wanted me to inform my readers nominations are closing July 31st. If you haven’t made your nominations known do so quickly or forever hold your piece. I’d encourage you to consider this blog for Blog of the Year. It’s okay if you choose someone else, but if you do my cat Pinky will have a stern “meow” for you.


Copyright Issues: A lot of things go on behind the scenes of a blog; what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the increasing demands on my time involves copyright issues. Many of the tax issues I cover (and other subject matter, too) is in demand by certain media outlets and academic papers. Several requests per week show up. I point them to my post allowing use of my material. Not good enough, they say. They need copyright paperwork in place. This requires reading contracts which is very time consuming.

When I was slow in responding to a few requests this blog was reported to ACI Information Group, formerly Newstex. ACI handles copyright issues for large organization like Business Insider. It was an easy choice. By signing up I dealt with all copyright issues one time and now can wash my hands. You are still welcome to use any of my material, but if you need copyright permissions you can go to ACI and get what you need. I have signed all necessary documentation with them so you can report to your organization you have secured copyright permissions.


Golden Nugget: Have you ever wondered where writers like Stephen King get their ideas? Have you ever wondered what they read? Well, I don’t know about Steve, but I can share something I found and am really enjoying.

I found this blog, Debt Free Dr, and was instantly pulled in. His style is crisp and informative. When you get a chance, check it out. You don’t need to be a doctor to benefit; if financial freedom is something that interests you then do yourself a favor and check out Debt Free Dr.

How did I find this awesome blog? you may ask. Well, it wasn’t any special talent on my part. The guy who writes the thing asked for a consulting session. I had to check it out, of course. It is really good. I gained as much or more out of that consulting session as my client.


Enjoy your weekend.

The 9th Annual Plutus Awards recently opened for voting. Once again you get to determine the results. Last year The Wealthy Accountant won the Best New Personal Finance Blog of the Year. I think it is fitting for your favorite blog to win the Blog of the Year this time around. (Hint, hint.)

For once I’ll be brief. I’ll joke you should vote early and often (and you should). How else you gonna have your voice heard? But this time around we’ll play a clean game. You get to nominate your favorite blog, podcast, YouTube channel, et cetera. I can tell you from personal experience how important it is to content providers to receive such an esteemed honor. Those lonely nights writing and recording suddenly seem worth all the effort when your name is highlighted. Vote your heart, vote once. (Honest!) Awards will be announced Saturday, September 29th in Orlando, Florida after the conclusion of FinCon.

Nominate your favorite today and consider a short trip to sunny Florida in late September to rub elbows with the world’s biggest (I think) gathering of money geeks. You can nominate here! or by clicking the Plutus image below.

Now go out and enjoy the day!

Thank You.

The Wealthy Accountant

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