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Embrace Failure

Show me a successful person and I’ll show you someone with deep seated pain. Pain is a powerful motivator. Few can reach lofty heights and keep pushing without underlying pain driving them forward. Steve Jobs said you have to be “. . . insane to do this. . . ” when he discussed why he…

You’re Using the Wrong Definition for Retirement

Old dogs can learn new tricks. Preconceived notions are not reality or facts. Several years ago life was going fine for me. Business was good, the sky was sunny and I thought I had a firm grasp on how the world worked. An avid reader, I chanced across a blog that pulled me in deeper…

Camp Mustache IV Roundup (Seattle)

There has never been a conference I didn’t learn something from. Camp Mustache IV in Seattle this past weekend was the best ever for learning. Others may have had a different experience. Where you are on your journey determines how valuable a conference like Camp Mustache is. Two years ago I attended my first ever…

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