20160323_165144One of the occupational hazards of having a very public blog is demands from readers. I love hearing from all of you. Your ideas spark me into action, looking for new ways to manage and reduce tax bills. The downside is all the time required handling requests for personal help. Normally a simple answer would suffice, but when people have a tax question it takes time to flesh out an accurate answer. There are just too many emails to answer them all. It bothers me immensely. So I will initiate a new procedure to help maximize the number of people I can serve adequately.

Anyone is welcome to contact me. Understand if I don’t respond, it is due to an overload of requests. Readers contacting me for help either want tax preparation services or consulting; consulting is the largest request. I block four hours per work day for consulting with clients. This includes research time and review of client documents.

Returning phone calls is a huge sinkhole of time; I only get through about 20% of the time. I’ve resorted to sending return emails requesting the reader to contact my office and schedule an appointment along with my consulting fees. I started that process a few weeks ago and got only a small response back.

With that in mind I want to outline how I will handle this extra workflow. Rather than readers sending me long emails and asking for my fee, how about I give you my consulting fee here and let you decide if it is worth it before you contact me.

My consulting fee is simple: $225 per hour with a one hour minimum.

If you are good with that, feel free to contact me. You can also contact me to prepare your tax return or if you want me to consider you for a Reader Case Study, which I will start doing on this blog as we approach the 2017 tax season.

Tax returns will still need a quote and I have added staff and opened several slots for new tax returns. Depending on the size of the tax returns coming in, my guess is we will accept around 100 new clients in 2017. This is a small number compared to the volume of requests, but a large investment of time as most readers contacting me have a multitude of issues.

The consulting fee is low so I anticipate a reasonable number of requests. I am also opening up slowly to American ex-pats on a limited basis. We will help catch up back tax returns, too.

My goal is to provide better service in a timely manner to more people. The massive transformation at Tax Prep & Accounting Services, Inc. has stretched my management skills. I needed the kick in the pants. It was time to up my game.

If you emailed me in the past without a response, feel free to do so again. I look forward to working with you.