A decade ago I started writing on a content farm called HubPages. All the crazy ideas I did not know what to do with found life there. It was a great venue to publish experimental work. The best part was the income HubPages threw off from my experimental writing. At the height I could expect $1,000 per month showing up in the business checking account. Then came Google’s Panda update and ended the party. Content farms were in the doghouse with Google and any experimental writing I did had no chance of a real audience or the possibility of significant profit. As the years passed it only got worse; HubPages struggled with nonstop changes to counteract a portion of Google’s new policies and I had no desire to keep working on something with no possibility of gain.

Tax hubs performed okay (so I’ll keep them published on HubPages) after the Google slap, but never amounted to meaningful traffic; a good month earns up to $50 now, a long way from the $1,000 per month I was earning. There were a few standouts in the crowd, however. Throwing stuff away that has value bothers me even if it is corny. In the office we provide a multitude of free beverages to clients and employees. Coca-Cola products have a code you can collect and then redeem for more Coke products. I played with the Coke codes for a while, but it seemed like such a waste of time so I wrote a hub and published it, allowing others to use the codes. Instantly I had my best performing hub. It is the one hub I get regular comments on.

Yet more changes at HubPages coupled with the desire to keep providing the unused Coke codes to regular readers has me moving the resource here. Hopefully the HubPages readers find their way to this blog where I will update codes as I get them.

Reminder: The Coke codes I list here are on a first come, first serve basis. My understanding is the codes can only be used once. If you have unused codes feel free to leave them in the comments section.

I will post new codes when I get a stack I want off my desk. Normally you will see new stuff once or twice a month.

July 7, 2017












January 3rd—Pepsi Codes



January 7th—Mountain Dew

L7KH6K(R)5(S)0(G)7N (This one was hard to read.)

May 21st—1MillionBoxTops code

Whenever I find a code on something I'll share it here. I don't have time to research how the codes work so don't ask for advice; I have none. Below is a 1 Million Box Tops code I found in a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. If you win anything big share it in the comments section. Good luck.